Industry Awards

THE NZ LATIN DANCE INDUSTRY AWARDS recognises individuals and groups that have made a significant contribution to the life of the dance community either locally or nationally over a period of time, and have helped to develop and shape the scene for the benefit and enjoyment of all.

The names are open for nomination each year and voted upon by leaders in the NZ Latin Dance industry and presented at the NZ Salsa Congress each year. Past recipients in alphabetical order:

1. Adrian Leineweber
2. Albert Torres
3. Alfonso Rios
4. Annie Giles – Salsa Groove
5. Chris Foreman
6. Coco Jorge Sequeiros – Salsa Con Coco
7. Donna & Warren – Latin Fire
8. Grant Major
9. Greydis Montero
10. Heidi Hughes – Jambalaya / NZ Pacific Salsa Congress
11. Irina Kapeli
12. Jackie Cooke – Salsa Magic
13. Jacob Rosevear – Salsa Magic
14. Kantuta / NZ Annual Salsa Latin Dance Competition (’92 – 2007)
15. Latin Fever
16. Olivia Sumich  – Jambalaya
17. Rae Foster (Salsa Rae) – Lifetime Award 2015
18. Reuben Watkins – Salsa Latina
19. Rogelio Carles-Rosas – Salsa Magic
20. Saione Greer – Viva Dance / NZ Salsa Congress
21. Vivio Ramos – Cuban Groove


Annie GilesWarren & DonnaKantutaSalsa RaeChris Forman